Building a storyline – Idea for online team building

Everyone loves a good story, right?

Building a storyline is one of the oldest and most fun team building activities.

Here’s how it goes, step by step:

Get the entire group to virtually “form a circle” on a video call and start the process like this:

The first person begins the story with one opening sentence and another incomplete one. For example: “On Mark’s first day at his awesome new job, his car broke down. At first, he felt helpless, but then he…”

The next individual completes the previous line and adds another incomplete sentence.

This way, each remote employee contributes until everyone has had a turn. Aim to develop a comprehensive story structure by the end of the game!

Not only does building a storyline force teams to use their creative juices, it also helps them listen to each other and improve team cooperation.

The best part?

These collaborative and listening skills are the building blocks for clear and effective communication in a remote team!

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